My name is Umama. Firstly, a big thank you. You're here and seemingly interested to know more.  

I am currently 21 years old and based in Mumbai, India. With a degree in History and a Post Graduate Diploma in Media and Communications, I have made quite the leap into a completely different stream. But really, I have come to believe all things are connected and so are my academic pursuits. Though I am an aspiring journalist I am also a lover of all things vintage, historical and cultural. However, there is not much I want to talk about myself. It is better that I show you.

Hence this blog.

It helps me keep my thoughts in one place and sometimes ends up being a good read. I write a lot, at least the times I don't have writer's block, I do. So, safe to say, I mostly write in my head. There is no particular theme I am following so there is going to be a variety of things for you to choose from. Happy Reading!

Hope you enjoy things I have put up, and I hope you stay.

See you soon.  


Umama M