For the next micro story in November, we were to upload pictures of how we celebrated Diwali. My family and I don't celebrate Diwali.

I worked a way around it.

14th November 2020

Happy Diwali folks! Happy Anniversary to my parents too. 14 th November is their
anniversary. We didn’t celebrate Diwali, but we celebrated my parents. Each year, for birthdays and anniversaries, our little family goes out for dinner. Restaurant chosen by the people/person being celebrated. This year, however, we didn’t go out. This year, my brother was home to celebrate too. We didn’t do anything extravagant. For my parents, being home with their children was more than enough. At least, that’s what they claimed.

For lunch, we ate leftover butter chicken and parothas made by my sister in law the night before. We spent the rest of the day lazing around. My mother was the only one dressed in beautiful clothes since the day started. As the day progressed and we approached evening, one by one, all of us began to change into acceptable clothing, reluctantly. I had warned all of them, we have to take photos for my Micro Story, we need to look good.

As we waited for our dinner to arrive, my sister in law and I clicked the photo of my parents, seen above. We put a twist to it, and with only illumination from fairy lights, we shot that photograph. Post dinner, we decided on a few family photos. I think, the last time we took a family photo, the six of us, was in February 2019, when bhai got married. The family photo uploaded above, is not staged. Bhai
had his phone camera on a timer, and as the camera captured us, he moved. I don’t remember exactly what he did, but Abbu and I turned to look at him. Ma, Bhabhi and Nanu continued to look at the camera. This photograph captured the essence of our family better than a staged photo where we all smile at the camera.